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Puzzle charm

Puzzle charm is zynga’s newest game

Puzzle charm is a game with different puzzles and levels  with different Fairy Tail  character themes.

You advance in game by clearing different puzzle’s.

Game is challenging because  you have a certain amount of moves to match 3 items to then wake up  birds are free  lady bugs are clear dark cloud blocks from puzzle.

The less moves you make clearing puzzle the bigger bonus you will get and have a chance to win free power ups.

There are several different power ups, some remove a single item from the puzzle board, some  remix all items on puzzle board others give extra moves.

This will be a great game for adults are to play along with your children.




Below are some Screen shots we have captured of game so far we will updated this web page as we advance in game.



puzzle charm picture

Little red riding hood

puzzle charm little red riding hood puzle

puzzle charm rescue lady bugs


puzzle charm girl and wolf

puzzle charm wolf chiking girl

puzzle charm girl hits wolf

puzzle charm little red riding hood bricks

Jack and the bean stalk

puzzle charm jack and the bean stalk puzzle


puzzle charm jack lives with his mom

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